Our top six security tips to keep your home more secure from break-ins

When it comes to protecting your home there are lots of things we can do from simply locking our doors to installing a security system. Read our top six security tips to keep your home more secure from break-ins.

1. Lock your door

Did you know that 34% of thieves enter a home through the front? With this in mind, it is important to keep your door locked at all times whether you are at home or not. As well as locking your door, make sure that your door hinges are strong and can’t be easily broken. It is good advice to replace your locks when you move home, as you don’t know who could have keys to your home

Some other great ideas for securing your door include installing a deadbolt or lock chain to add extra protection and installing a video doorbell so that you are notified (even when you aren’t home) as to who is at your door.

2. Lock your windows.

Windows are a common entry point for burglars so it is important you always keep them secure especially if they are on the ground floor. In the summer we often have a habit of leaving them open while we nip to the shops or go to bed in order to get some fresh air into our homes but this can often lead to thefts and break-ins so always be careful.

A few ways you can improve your window security include adding window bars and installing a window/glass break sensor so that if the glass is broken you are notified even if you aren’t at home. Another prevention technique to stop people accessing your property through windows is to grow plants underneath to prevent access but always be vigilant with making sure they are trimmed so as to not provide people with a hiding spot.

Also, sash jammers are great for added protection on windows and doors.

3. Light

To minimise the chance of being caught thieves and vandals often operate in the dark or in secret. By simply adding some outdoor lighting to your property you can decrease the chance of a break-in. You can get motion-activated lighting that only comes on when it senses movement so that you are alerted when someone steps onto your property. You can also put your lights on a timer so burglars know that a person is a home.

4. Security system

Since a burglar is more likely to avoid your home if you have a security system it seems like a no brainer. When choosing a home security system first look at your home and its layout, do you need a security system that will protect your outbuildings as well as your home? Then look at the crime statistics in your neighbourhood, if your area is prime for bike and vehicle thefts then you can explore ways to protect these. For help choosing your security system visit our home alarm systems page or contact us today to speak to a member of our team.


As well as a home alarm you should consider installing CCTV cameras as they can be an effective way to not only prevent break-ins but also help solve them. Experts believe that 67% of burglaries and break-ins could be prevented if homes had CCTV cameras installed. Read the West Yorkshire Police’s advice on CCTV and alarms here.

6. Install a safe

In the event that a burglar is successful in entering your home, a safe will ensure that any valuables are protected. A home safe can store jewellery, important documents, cash and other valuables.

You need to make sure it is fire-resistant, waterproof and built-in, if the thief can just pick it up and crack it later then there’s no point. Explore our range of home safes here.

Protecting your home doesn’t have to be stressful. We hope these six security tips have been helpful, if you have any more questions we are here to help, just contact a member of our Meridian team.